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Given Name: Unknown

Age (Earth Years): Unknown (estimated 2,500, appears about 35)

Hight: 5'7"

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Silver Orbs

Favorite Color: Unknown (assumed to be Black)

Group Affiliation: Lient's Army (leader) (duh)

Preferred Weapon(s): Lient disdains physical combat and fights exclusively with magic.

Primary Specialty: Magic

Secondary Specialty: Manipulation and Corruption of Innocents

Minor Specialties: Business, Law, Taking Over Worlds

Short-Term Goals: Find the center of magic for the dimension the Tavern resides in.

Long-Term Goals: Control all the magic in the multiverse.

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If Lient had a family at all, they're most likely long dead by now. Maybe even at his own hands. Nobody knows.


Lient doesn't make many friends in the real sense, but he does enjoy pretending to befriend people to use them and/or corrupt them.


Lient has been around for quite a while. He was born in a small hamlet on the southern continent of the world of Espen, before it became a total desert. He studied wizardy from the time he was old enough to read, and showed a disturbing intrest in necromancy. After his hometown was briefly plauged by a horde of skeletal and zombie squirrels, he was run out by angry, robent-bitten pesants wielding torches. Lient was 13 at the time. As a side note, Lient later returned to his home village once his power had grown and demolished it to put up a Poisonous Snake Preserve.

Lient wandered aimlessly after being kicked out of his home until he came upon a dying wizard. Mistaken for the poor, delusional man's apprentice, he gave Lient a scroll and a spellbook to "carry on the legacy of the Incantifers". Lient hunted down this secretive organization and using the scroll to pose as the old man's apprentice, managed to get a sponser and eventually join the ranks, where he learned how to take magic from other people and places. He rose quickly in the sect (mainly due to the suspiciously high attrition rate of the people above him in rank) and became head of the organization inside of a decade.

Unfortunately, a series of events led to the sects total collapse, leaving only a few scattered remnants fleeing across the contryside. Lient was undaunted, however, and used his new strength and abilites to take control of several small towns using armies of undead creatures. About this time, a rather large war was taking place among the gods of the realm, and the god of death had, sadly, just kicked the bucket. Every world needs a god of death, and thus a replacement was needed quickly. A special council chose Lient (who by now had complete control of the Southern Continent) because of his talent for taking normal people, making them dead, and then animating their corpses. And so, Lient acended to godhood.

Lient was only happy with this new power for so long though, and one day set his servants to conduct their normal duties in his absence and went touring the multiverse. Records of him do not exist for a century or two, but when he returned to Espen he had a large army of monsters at his back and the magic of several other worlds. Ever since then, he's been attacking and subdoing worlds left and right until The Circle of Light stumbled upon his activites. Since then, they've been his most fanatic opposition, and Lient seeks to destroy them all. Lient currently controls the magic of several dozen worlds through the use of Artifacts; an item unique to a world, through which all the magic of that world flows.


Currently, Lient has several things going. An organization he controls, the Fratern Miblinnis, has put out a contract on Witchdrake DeLein, and his minions are watching the tavern. They won't move in until ordered to do so, however. Also, Lient is anxious to take control of the Tavern's world. It is a nexus, and all the magic of several surrounding dimensions flows through it and its Artifact. Lient is sending in his generals, one at a time, to investigate and locate the Artifact.

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