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   Seeker of Justice

Given Name: Necromantic Cybernetic Andriod v1.23beta

Age (Earth Years): 45,000

Hight: 8'2"

Weight: 1000+lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Red Pinpoints

Favorite Color: Orange

Group Affiliation: The Circle of Light (Special Operative)

Preferred Weapon(s): Fists, Plasma Cannon, Laser

Primary Specialty: Combat

Secondary Specialty: Combat

Minor Specialties: Combat, Combat

Short-Term Goals: Protect the Tavern

Long-Term Goals: Find out what happened to his civilization; find out what his original purpose was.

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Seeker of Justice has only vauge recollections of his family. He had a wife and two children at one point, but where his decendants are now, if he even has any, is unknown.


Seeker of Justice is a bit too imposing to easily attract friends. He has several amongst the Circle of Light, but none in the Tavern.


Seeker of Justice was created in a laboratory at the behest of an ancient government. While alive, he and his family lived in poverty, so he joined an experimental medical program that paid him a lot of money in return for his body once he died. Eventually, he did die, and his soul was captured. The soul was fused with a robotic body, to power it. The government did not expect the soul to assert itself as commander of the vessel, only to provide a power source for the body. But Seeker of Justice emerged, free will and all. This was only a minor drawback to the scientists, but an extreme drawback to the government. The government wanted to use this new robot to put down riots that had been breaking out among the populace due to new, tyrannical policies being issued. Seeker of Justice had no plans to kill his own people, so was deactivated.

Some 40,000 years later, a Circle operative was exploring the ruins of an ancient city and tumbled upon the deactivated Seeker of Justice. The operative managed to re-activate the confused robot, but most of Seeker's computerize memory banks had been wiped clean from lack of flowing current. The only memories of his past were his fallible human memories. With nothing better to do, and grateful to the operative for ressurecting him, Seeker joined the Circle of Light.

Seeker of Justice chose his name after learning more about his past, and the unethical practices used to create him. He vowed that no other should ever suffer from injustice so long as he had a say.


Seeker of Justice has a miriad of weaponry concealed in his body, and uses this to aid the Circle in incredibly dangerous missions. The mission he is currently on is just such a mission. He has been assigned to protect the Tavern from destruction, and to prevent it from being usurped by an evil being known as Lient. Nobody knows what to expect from him, so Seeker of Justice was sent as he is the most well-prepared member of the Circle when it comes to possible violent conflict.

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