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   Witchdrake DeLein

Given Name: Brian Witchdrake DeLein

Age (Earth Years): 17

Hight: 6'4"

Weight: 200lbs

Hair: Reddish-Brown

Eyes: Brown (Grey)

Favorite Color: Blue

Group Affiliation: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Sabre, 14mm Sig-Sauer semi-autmatic handgun

Primary Specialty: Rune Magick

Secondary Specialty: Swordplay

Minor Specialties: Unarmed Combat, Magickal Theory

Short-Term Goals: None

Long-Term Goals: Become a part of something larger than himself.

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Witchdrake's family is missing. They escaped the burning keep, but their current whereabouts, or even their current state of life/unlife, are unknown.


Witchdrake has made quite a few friends, despite his brief stay at the tavern, Den, Aimelee, Lizzy, and MageFire are probably closest to him.


Witchdrake is the eldest (and so far only) son of Baron DeLein of Guarda, a politically influential nobleman. As the eldest son, Witchdrake was trained to inheret his father's position. This training involved many facets, the most important being court politics and court survival. His father also insisted (over his mother's objections) that he learn to defend himself. So, under the best tutors in the kingdom, Witchdrake learned swordplay, shooting, unarmed combat, and most importantly, magick. Witchdrake showed extreme talent for rune magick at an early age, and this was adapted as his specialty.

Shortly after an experiment gave him access to the Tavern, he decided to run away. He didn't want to rule a kingdom, didn't want to marry for politics, and most certainly didn't want to spend his days sitting on an uncomfortable chair negotiating disputes between farmers while avoiding the political backstabbing of the people he grew up with. Unfortunately, his plans to escape were modified slightly when the army of the Fratern Miblinnis (Fraternity of Mage's Blood) attacked his home while he was away. Witchdrake returned just in time to help his Father and house guard protect his home and pregnant mother from a unit of Shadowborne soldiers.

During the struggle, the keep was set aflame by the house guard to slow the advance of the Shadowborne and to deprive the Fratern Miblinnis of dead bodies which they could animate as troops for future attacks. Witchdrake and his parents were separated by the flames. He fought his way to his study, where the portal to the tavern lay inactive. Surprised after bringing it to life, he fought off the leader of the Shadowborne unit through the portal and into the Tavern, where he was aided. After the battle, he collapsed from his wounds.

Currently, Witchdrake's parents assume him dead, because when the flames separated them, he was on the wrong side of the keep to make it to an exit. Witchdrake assumes the same about his parents, but neither side gave up hope. Witchdrake's father, an accomplished magick user himself, disguised their escape route completely except for one point. He left a weak link in rune magick that his son could unravel. Although Witchdrake could not follow the path for very long, he knows his parents escaped the keep.

Witchdrake is being hunted by the Fratern Miblinnis, and have tracked him to the tavern. They have enlisted the aid of several patrons, and consider the matter mostly taken care of.


Witchdrake is excessively phobic of vampires, and recently he was bitten by one named Eustacia Vye. He was not killed because, according to Vye, he had "tainted blood". The attack, however, sent him into a state of insanity from which he is only now emerging. He has spent 120 straight hours working with runes and creating weapons that destroy vampires. The effects of this prolonged period of fasting, sleep-deprivation, and runework have yet to manifest completely, but it is quite obvious that his runes have lately been more powerful.

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