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The Ancient Memory:
The knowledge of all who have come before

Most of the information here comes from tao mouse. Since this, while not being restricted to Min Taoism any more than Deja Vu is restricted to france, is a part of her tradition, this page has been checked and double-checked with her, just to make sure. :)

When a dog gets sick, it goes to eat a certain kind of grass. How does it know to eat X grass instead of Y grass or C grass? Instinct, right? Well, what we call instinct is really the Ancient Memory.

The Ancient Memory is, to put it simply, the knowledge of all who have come before. It's also known as Universal Knowledge, Akashic Records (a term coined by Edgar Cayce), and the Collective Unconcious (a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung), but these are all names for the same thing. Some believe it vanished when mankind "evolved". Some people say it's a religious phemonena that only certain special high mucketty-muck elites have access to, and as such guard it like a starving dog over a dead rabbit. Other people say it comes from deities. "God told me," or something like that. Finally, there are those, few as they may be, who believe the Ancient Memory is part of every living thing.

Think about it: There's so much that animlas just KNOW, from birth. Humans know exactly jack squat from birth, except for the most basic suvival and procreation insticnts. And I mean BASIC. Unconsiously basic. And it brings lots of confusion. For instance, ever since the school days you've known a cute girl. But you'll never see a falcon having a father-son talk about "the humans and the bees." It isn't nessesary. And it answers the question almost no one thinks about: why don't humans have instincts like animals do? It's because we've lost our connection to the Ancient Memory.

Does the fact that so many people have lost the connection to it that it doesn't exist anymore? No, some humans still have a partial connection to it, and a VERY VERY few have a total connection to it. I think the number was one in a billion. I repeatedly told mother she was exaggerating, but she said she was quite sure of her estimate. The problem know about reviving the Ancient Memory is there isn't anyone to teach others how to use it. Even people with a total connection don't know how to use it on demand. And there's no one left to teach. Some people might determine that such a problem would ensure its eventual dying out. Mother, however, is assured that the Anceint Memory will one day return to humans. Possibly within her lifetime. Of course, if she keeps cheating death like she does that could be 800 or so years from now. I can just SEE a doctor telling her "I'm sorry, ma'm, but you aren't going to live to see 400..." Hi mother! :)

People with partial or total connection to the Ancient Memory just KNOW things. For instance, they do good on tests without having to study, they could be at work and just know their wife is upset and buy flowers on the way home, or just know the souffle isn't going to come out right even though they followed the book to the letter. I'll guarantee you that no human with a connection to the Ancient Memory recognizes what it is without being told. It scares some people, too, so they deny it to themselves. They don't WANT to just know. It scares them when they know things they have no way to know, ya know? For instance, I've heard a story where a good friend of mine had a headache so bad she was nearly screaming with pain. One of her friends wanted to help her, and right off the top of his head gave her a meditiation to do.

Lo and behold, it worked. The headache was down to managable levels in no time. The friend had no clue why he told her to do that meditiation. Mother later told him that it was the exact right meditation to prescribe, and then told him about the Ancient Memory. Scared the crap out of him it did, but after some coaxing he agreed to not push it away.

The important thing to remember here is, if people keep denying the Ancient Memory, there may come a time when NOBODY can get to it. The fact is, the Ancient Memory lies within each and every one of us. In the words of Tiny Tao Mouse: "We have to learn not to fear it, but to use it to bring ourselves out of the darkness of ignorance and once more into the Light." I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Mother.

Blessed Be,
-August 10, 1999

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