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Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Ahh, precognition. Where would we be without it? All of us have a little bit of it, it's the feeling in your gut that something's wrong, something bad's going to happen, don't step into that elevator. That sort of thing. In that context, it's referred to as "instict."

But can you call it "instict" when you have the feeling days in advance? Hours even? About people other than yourself?

Probably not.

"Are you all right?? I just had a bad feeling..."

When someone tells me something, and I have an immediate bad feeling, I refer to it as an "alarm bell." Usually this feeling is several hours (in one case, more that 24 hours) before the actual bad event takes place.

Unfortunately, for me, it's impossible to have even the slightest indication of WHAT is going to happen, or WHEN. Just that something WILL (or COULD) happen. In every instance, I've given cautious, friendly advice just off the top of my head, and in serveral of them it paid off. **shrugging** I'm not sure if that's more of the same thing (namely, precognition) or if it deserves its own section in the Mystical Stuff.

For example: Once, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far awa....oops, wrong intro. Anyway, a long time ago, one of my friends was moving from Texas to Colorado and was driving the whole way. On the night before she left I had a "bad feeling." I told her to keep her doors locked and to stop often. Well, she gets there and drops me an e-mail, telling me this story:

She hit a small town (Lubbock, I think), past which there was 200 miles worth of NOTHING. She was going to breeze right on through but remembered what I told her and decided to stop and have the car looked at. As it turned out, there was a problem with the radiator (?) that would have put her on the side of the road within fifty miles.

Precognition and You

"So what's all that mean to me, huh?" you ask. Well, here are some tips:

1. If you ever have a bad feeling, HEED IT!

2. If you ever have a bad feeling about someone else, LET THEM KNOW! Even if you think you'll look silly, 'tis better for one person to look silly than another to be hurt.

3. If anyone ever tells you they've had a bad feeling about you, LISTEN TO THEM and to their advice! Might be needless worry, or it might save you a 50-mile treck through a Texan praire.

In Theory....

Theoretically, precognition can predict events other than bad things. I've predicted innocuous things like so-and-so-who-I-haven't-heard-from-in-6-months giving me a phone call ("Hmm, wonder if X will call today?"). It might even be possible to predict GOOD things. I've never managed to do it. The one time I tried I was WAY dead wrong. So *I* can't do it. But, theoretically, others can. So don't rule it out completely.

So how does this precognition stuff work? For once, I haven't the slightest idea. Not even a theory. Anyone with a theory, feel free to send it my way!

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