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"Who am I? Why am I here? What's for Dinner?" and Other Deep Questions

I'm starting over.

Yes, indeed. Firedrake has finally grown a spine. It's a miracle indeed!

The previous incarnation of this page was me whining about how my family would Bar-B-Q me if they ever found this site and it had a page about me so they knew who I was. Forget the fact that if they found the site at all, even if it DIDN'T have a page about me, I'd still be in trouble, because they're not the cops and don't need 'beyond a reasonable doubt' to collar me for something.

Obviously, I've learned, the risk you take when have a web site is that someone might, like, see it and stuff. Whooo. Scary. So, after four years (has it been that long? No, it's been LONGER!), I've decided belatedly that if I'm in for a dime, I'm in for a dollar. Why? Two reasons:

(A) When *I* do some information hunting, I like to know where my information is coming from. Who is this person telling me that potatos were an ancient holy food of the Celts (hint: potatos were first introduced to Ireland from America well after Columbus found the place)? What are their credentials? How long have they been doing this? What's their style? Are they creepy?
Well, nobody reading this site can answer any of those questions! Primarilly because I'm such a wuss!

(B) I got a bucket of self-esteem for my birthday.

So, there will be a new page all about me. Who I am, what I am, what I like, etcetera (but nothing about relationships; those seem to change way too often compared to when I actually update this site!). And this time when I say "coming soon", I mean it. It WILL be here by midterms at the ABSOLUTE latest. I'm hoping to have it up in some rudimentary form by the time the semester starts.

Firedake -Aug. 5, 2002

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