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Sending Energy

Well, ok, let me think here. I do this so much it's incredibly hard to describe. I just KNOW I'm going to get SOMETHING wrong. Just in case I do, there's a panic button at the bottom of this text. See something wrong, hit the panic button.

ANYWAY. Sending energy is a very easy, very quick, moderatley effective thing to do. I've been told it counts as magick. I don't think I believe that, though. Maybe a lesser cousin to magick. Now how to describe this....

Sending someone energy is just that; you are projecting your energy to the other person. Emotions are generally the main type of energy projected. Love, happieness, giddieness, confidence, all these can be sent to another person. Healing energy can also be sent; my theory on healing energy is this: your positive energy is sent in it's purest form without getting to a specific emotion. The intent behind the energy is to heal, so it heals. My soulmate and I send love back and forth all the time, even when we're not trying. I feel loved right now, even though Angel is (hopefully) sound asleep.

A quick word of warning before I tell you how I do it. Sending too MUCH energy, especially healing energy, can severely drain you. I know. Most of the time such energy can be recovered with a good night's sleep, but in the case of protracted energy drain it can take one or many days of taking time to yourself before you're ready for action again. There have been a couple times I've sent so much healing energy that I felt light-headed and could bearly walk straight. Sort of like how I imagine losing alot of blood feel. I'm not sure is extreme energy expendature can actually KILL somone, but be careful anyway.

Ok, now. How I do it. When I'm sending an emotion, I feel the emotion. I envision it as a mist around me. Then I envision it flowing inside me, up to the third eye chackra (middle of the forehead, chakras are major energy vortexes of the body) and then I envision the emotion as a purple beam of light streaking from me and nveloping the intended recipient.

Envisioning is a key point in almost all Wiccan mysical stuff. It was also the hardest part to get used to. ME: "Am I doing it or am I just imagning it??" FRIEND: "Yes." Got pretty frustrating for a bit there.

Anyway, BACK TO THE TOPIC! Sending energy can be done in many many ways. Another way is to envision the emotion you wish to send as a fine mist or kind of spotlight around the person you're sending to. There are SO MANY variations! You can ask 13 witches how they do it and get 15-23 different answers.

Another point: According to Tiny Tao Mouse, trying too hard to send blocks the flow. Like pinching off a hose. In her words "you have to be a relaxed bundle of nerves."

And finally, I'm not going to lie and say it's impossible to send negative emotions or harming energy in the same way, because it IS possible. I don't endorse or reccomend it, however, because I can guarantee it'll come right back and smack you in the butt as per the Threefold Law. Not to mention the fact that most witches have precautions against people sending them negativity. Some simply ward it off, some send it back to you, but there are some REALLY nasty suckers I've heard about. How's a headache so bad you're rolling on the floor in pain sound? Somebody pass the Advil...

Blessed be,
-July 22, 1998


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