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How To Write a Spell

There are several basic elements in writing a spell, and I hope to cover them all here. Why not use a pre-made spell? Well, for a simple reason. Spells work better if you customize them for your own situation. Sure, you can use someone else's spell and switch it around to fit you, but the energy and the focus that comes with writing your own simply isn't there.

Generally, most spells should rhyme as per part of the Wiccan Rede ("To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme"). It's not required, but it helps you remember your lines. It's also a good idea to actually write the spell down, for two reasons: (A) If you DO forget what you wanted to say, you can read it off the paper. I've done it, there's no shame in it ('less you're being watched by non-Witches). (B) Burning it in a special dish either during or just after the Working part of the ritual is believed to have a positive effect on the spell as a whole. It's usually a good idea to scatter the ashes (OUTSIDE!!!) instead of just throwing them in the trash can.

Casting the Circle, Calling the Quarters

The first step is to cast the circle and call the quarters. I've got how to do that on another page.

The reason for casting the circle is so malevolent astral entities can't interfere with you, and also being inside the circle brings you closer to the Divinity. I think.

Calling the Quarters does two things as well: It provides spiritual witnesses to your ritual and guards the circle from unwanted attention/evil/negativity.

The rhyme you use here can be used for every ritual you do, and as such should be fairly personal (in my opinion).

Aligning Yourself, Statement of Intent, Actual Working

Next, you want to align yourself with the God/dess(es) of your chosing. This is so you can focus your energy to a specific manifestation of the Divine. You can use just the Goddess or God, you could use Maat for justice, Fortuna for luck, or anyone else, as specific as you want to get. I do this with a simple rhyme and the lighting of my (only) candle.

"As I light this candle mine, with X [God/dess] I align."

Say what works for YOU.

The next part after you've aligned yourself is the Statement of Intent. A couple sentantces, preferably rhymed, that tell the Goddess your overall purpose for coming to her tonight. Keep it simple, you don't get complicated until the NEXT part.

Now, for the actual Working. Here you say what you want in detail, and sew up any poppets, burn any paper, ring any bells, mix any herbs, or whatever you have planned to do. Power should be focused comepletly on your intent.

Thank You's, Meditation, and Closing the Circle

Now you're down to the last leg of the Ritual. As soon as you finish the actual working, you'll want to thank the God/dess(es) for their time. Just a courtesy. Your pose doesn't have to be flowery, a simple "Thanks a bunch, let's do lunch!" would work as well as something written by Shakespeare (theoretically. *I* wouldn't want to try it..). But you MUST thank the God/dess(es). It's generally unhealthy for Divine beings to think you're impolite.

Now that you've thanked (thunk?) the God/dess(es), you'll want to meditate. Sit down in a fairly comfy position, close your eyes, and clear your mind. You might want to recite a mantra. Why meditate? So your mind is open for any gifts the God/dess(es) might give you, even if you just asked for your great-grandmother to get well. You should only meditate so long as you feel like you should. At some point you'll say to yourself "I should get up now." Do so.

Finally, close the circle (described on the other page) and clean up the area, moving furniture back into its original position if you're me. Then go raid the fridge, preferably for something high in carbos. If you have any excess energy, ground it, or channel it into your athame/candles/whatnot to give them a little extra boost.

And you're all done!!

Got your spell written? Where to now?

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