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   Jase Doroon

Given Name: Jason Robert Doroon

Age (Earth Years): 23

Hight: 5'9"

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Favorite Color: Silver

Group Affiliation: The Shadowsphere (special operative)

Preferred Weapon(s): "Whispering Death" (sword with high-tech modifications), plasma pistol, saturation laser (aka "Gatling Laser")

Primary Specialty: Scouting

Secondary Specialty: Combat (unarmed and armed)

Minor Specialties: Pre-emptive strikes, assassination

Short-Term Goals: Scout the tavern and surrounding areas, spot niches for potential Shadowsphere infiltrators/contacts.

Long-Term Goals: Become acknowledged as "the best" in something. Anything.

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Jase's family consists of his two younger brothers, Rick and Matthew, and his twin sister Jera. His mother and father died twice; first during an invasion of his home town by a bored unit from Lient's army, and then again when Jase and Matthew killed their re-animated corpses several years later in another battle.


Jase doesn't make friends easily. He's fiercely loyal to his family, however, and does his best to keep in touch with them while keeping them out of danger. Not many people enjoy his company because of his stoicism.


Jason Daroon is the oldest in his family, his twin sister Jera being born nearly an hour after him. He was raised on the eastern edge of the northern continent of Espen. The routine, intense cold produced a hearty and tough lad, and his siblings followed his lead.

When Jason was 15 (Rick and Matthew were 13 and 12, respectively), his town was invaded by a flanking unit of Lient's army in a surprise attack on the Scorpion Army base in the nearby forest. He managed to get his siblings to safety, but his father and mother were killed covering their escape, and their bodies were carted off to provide more soldiers for Lient's necromancers to raise. Homeless, alone, and devistated, he and Matthew enlisted in the Scorpion Army in hopes of taking revenge against the forces that caused his parents' deaths. Jera and Rick set out to a new village, and set up a small farm. Matthew and Jase often send them financial support.

The Scorpion Army trained Matthew as a soldier, and he eventually became a unit commander. Jase was trained as a scout and a spy, and was trained as a sort of mechanic in the course of this, so when alone in the field he could repair his own equipment. The Scorpion Army created some of the most advanced technology known to Espen, so Jase got a very good technical education. When Jase was 20, he was assinged to his brother's unit to mount an attack on the southern continent in a major offensive against Lient. The offensive was unsuccessful, but during the course of the fight he and Matthew were forced to kill their parents again, who had been re-animated as Shadowborn.

After that, things calmed down for a while. Jase was soon assinged to scout out an archeological dig discovered in the far northern tip of the contienent. Deep inside, he was nearly crushed to death by a vicious trap, his fellow scouts just bearly pulling him out of the way in time. Even with their aid, however, his right arm and leg were totally destroyed by the mechanism, and he nearly died on the way back to the base and medical treatment. The Scorpion Army provided Jase with their most sofisticated prosthetic limbs which, while crude by the standard of many other worlds, was cutting-edge for Espen. He was then discharged with full honors.

He roamed the countryside after that, and what he did for nearly a year is unknown. However, during his travels, he accidentally stumbled onto a permanant dimensional portal. After studying it for some time, he stepped through to an incredible world of high technology. Into a science lab of high technology, to be specific. The guards in the lab grabbed him and carted him off for questioning about this strange world on the other side of their machine.

After weeks of questions and tests, Jase was finally rewarded for his troubles. He was drafted into THEIR army. However, the crude prosthetic limbs would not work for any soldier, and so he was re-fitted with a new high-tech arm and leg. During hs service in this army, he was routinely volounteered for experimental cybernetic surgury, seeing as he already had less flesh to lose than most of the other men. Over the course of many many months, his skeleton was framed with a steel-chrome alloy, making his bones almost unbreakable. Weaponry was added to his system, and he was trained heavily in its use. In addition, he recieved training in weapons not attached to his body, and unarmed combat, and greatly furthered his technical skills. By the end of this period, Jase was almost more machine than man. He could jump higher, run faster, etc, etc. The last thing that was added was a personal cloaking device. A machine that caused light to "bend" around him, making him effectively invisible. There were two problems: One, he could still be detected by his heat signature (which was corrected by a body heat dispersal system), and Two, because no light reaches him in this state, he's completely blind. After attempts to leave only his eyes uncovered failed, he was simply heavily trained in blind-fighting and had a crude, bat-like sonar device implanted in his ears.

However, during all this he was not happy. The night he recovered from this final surgury, he snuck back into the lab he arrived from (thanks to the benefits his captors had given him) and escaped back to his homeworld. He reunited with his family, and fought off several attempts to return him to the world of his captors, after which they offered him a deal (the details of which are highly classified). He agreed, and the retrieval teams stpped coming. Shortly after this, his existance drew the attention of the Shadowsphere, a secret organization of thieves and assassins. Their leader offered him a high posisition in the organization, and being low on money and having few of the ethical quarrels that still plauge his sister after his years of hardship, agreed. He needed little extra training, and is now providing recon for the Shadowsphere.


Jase has been reading up on some deep subjects during times of boredom (which come often for him), and has discovered the teachings of Zeno, the Roman philosopher who originated Stoicism. He's fallen in quickly with the philosophy; there are things we can't control, and there's no use getting worked up over them. Anyone who does is silly. Because of this, he's developed a rather disturbing ability to completely ignore pain. He doesn't LIKE it, but since there's nothing he can do about it, he ignores it. This doubles his leathality in combat (as if it wasn't high enough already).

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