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The Mystical Stuff!

Ok, here you go, the Mystical Stuff. I welcome any information anyone wants to give me!

Up until now, I had a proscription against Satanism on this page. Since I put this up, I've broadened my knowledge base on many things, including Satanism. You'd be surprised how few "Satanists" actually worship Satan. I'd be grossly negligent if I tried to explain their beliefs here, but it's basically not so much evil as... socially apathetic. This isn't the page (and I'm probably not the person) to talk about what they actually believe as opposed to what it's just assumed they believe.. but, in an effort to be a bit more fair, I'm changing the prohibiton from "no Satanism" to "no harm-causing or blood-spilling".

Another quick announcement: Any insulting, accusing, or deragatory e-mail from the Religious Right (as if I'm important enough to stir controversy...) will be cheerfully posted for everyone to laugh at. Probably under the "Comedy" section if i ever get around to making one.

ANYWAY, on to the Mystical Stuff!

Just a Quick Note...

One thing you'll probably notice when surfing through the Mystical Stuff is that I seem to have had a personal experience with nearly all of the Stuff here. I'm not trying to be an egomaniac and say "Here! Look what *I* can do! **gloat gloat**" I just don't have anything to write about except what I know about.

And this is what I know about. Stuff that I've actually been through. Once people start sending requests or submissions in, you won't notice the above phenomenon QUITE so much.

Mystical Links: Where to?

Ritual Magick
The type of magick most Wiccans practice. There will be no spells here, but there will be advice on writing your own.
Rune Divinition
EVERYONE has a page on the Tarot. Bah. The Runes work much better for me. And there's almost no on-line info on them that I can find. (Any Rune users, feel fee to e-mail me!)
Think Happy Thoughts!
YES, I know that sounds corny as all get-out but trust me, I'll explain why I think it works.
Sending Positive Energy
A common Wiccan practice, I'm not even sure if you could call it magick.
Ancient Memory
The knowledge of all who have come before.
The ability to not only sense what someone else is feeling, but to ACTUALLY FEEL it!
The ability to determine SOMETHING is going to happen.
Deja Vu
I don't know much about this one, but I have a theory (don't I always?)! (coming soon)
THERE'S MORE TO COME (as I think of it)!
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