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The Nuggets of Wisdom!

Tired of gaining wisdom the hard way? Sick of learning how something works only by getting your eyebrows burned off over and over? Well this is the page for you!

Or maybe you're tired of watching folk blunder through life learning lessons you've already learned. Maybe you're tired of watching young people burn their eyebrows off over and over. Well this is STILL the page for you!

For the inexperienced, here's a chance to gain the wisdom you so desperately need--err, seek. For the old--err, experienced, here's a chance to impart your knowledge and better lives! It's a win-win situation!

Simply e-mail me with your words of advice, and I'll stick 'em on the page! Make sure you put something like "Nugget" in the subject line so I know I can put off reading it. :)

[Boy, it sure has been a while since the last update, huh? Fret not, I'm still taking submissions!]


Blessed be,
-August 4, 2002

The Nuggets!

"When burning resins on charcoal blocks, cover any CD players in the room, or else the digital 'eye' could get gummed up." - Coyote of Moondrake

"Before you think you know anything about the history of witchcraft or paganism, make sure to do your own research. REAL research. Which may or may not actually involve touching books." - Lunar

"When burning something during a spell, make sure the smoke detector isn't on... especially if it's late at night and there are sleeping people in the house." -Firedrake

"When you talk - you teach.
When you listen - you learn.
Speak wisely.
Listen carefully."
-Tiny Tao Mouse

"Volume will never replace finesse!" -Tiny Tao Mouse

"Those without reason, bully. Those with reason, listen." -Tiny Tao Mouse

"Momentum applies just as much to metaphysical stuff as it does to physical things. If you're magickally at rest, you're going to tend to stay at rest. Keep moving, or be prepared for it to be awfully hard to start moving again." -Firedrake

"I need more quotes." -Firedrake

That's   it!

Sorry, that's all I've got so far! I need more! Send send send!

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