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Ritual Magick

Ritual magick is practiced in almost every Pagan religion, from the Native Americans to the Min Taoists of the far east. However, since I don't know a whole lot about ritual magick from other belief systems, I will only include Wiccan ritual magick here for the time being. Trust me though, most all of it is eerily similar from one culture to another.

In Wicca, ritual magick is BASICALLY* the invoking of the Goddess and/or the God or any manifestation thereof (Diana, Mars, Fortuna, Bast, etc). This is done for two purposes: to celebrate a holiday and to ask for Divine aid.

When celebrating a holiday (holidays for Wiccans are called "sabbats") the ritual is called an "Act of Honor." This should be fairly obvious; the Wiccan is honoring the God/dess(es) with this Ritual. This is usually done in addition to other celebration.

When asking for aid, the ritual is called a "spell" (pronounced "spell", NOT "satanic/demonic working." Just in case anyone may be confused). During this type of ritual the Wiccan asks for a boon, for him/herself or another. It could be physical healing, mental healing, protection from evil, protection from ignorance, or anything. Yes, even money. However I personally think that money should only be asked for in a true emergency, not just "I need a new Ferrari." Also, the practicioner might like to specify where the money should come from. Example: you ask for money on a tuesday and your grandmother gets hit by a car on wednesday. You'll get the money in the form of insurance, but was it worth it?

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When I say "basically" it means there's a pretty good chance I'm going to be wrong about something up ahead. If you spot something incorrect, here. Push this button. Also, because Paganism is so diverse, everyone has their own way to do things. "Generally" is another word you'll see me use, it's part of this disclaimer too.

Shall we get more specific?

How to Write a Spell
How to write a spell, and why you don't want to use someone else's spells.
Casting the Circle
Casting the circle and calling the quarters, two things I never found any web info on.
Colors to Spell By
Grr.. if I want something done right, I'll just have to do it myself. Coming soon.
Days and Elements to Consider
Moon Phases and What They Mean to You
Arguably the most important thing to consider when planning a spell. UNFORTUNATELY, it's not here yet.
Why all this complexity??
A simple explanation for why all the stuff above helps. NEW! as of 11.23.01
Ecology Magick
Inspired by a good friend and wildlife biologist, a very brief essay on herbs and suchlike things. (Soon!)
Firedrake's Spelling Dictionary
Definitions of many common terms and items used in Ritual Maigick!

A Quick Note

The Wiccan Rede states "As ye harm none do as ye will." Bear that in mind when planning a spell. Also bear in mind the threefold law; whatever you do comes back to you three times over. Which means if you do a spell to make someone fall and break their leg, there's nothing to keep it from working. Just be prepared for three broken bones yourself (give or take a couple).

Also, love spells are BAAAAD. A spell that asks the Divine to bring your true love to you is ok, but a spell asking the Divine to make Bob/Bobette fall in love with you is dangerous! Why? Well, when they work, they deprive Bob/Bobette of his/her free will. That's definitley harming them. Expect a large karmatic backlash. Depriving a person of free will is probably the MOST harmful thing you can do to them. Possibly even beyond killing them, but I'm not sure.

And if anyone uses this site and the things therein for harmful purposes, I claim absolutley ZILCH responsibility. None. Nothing. Nada. Jack squat.
So when Bob/Bobette becomes obssesed with you and turns into a psychotic stalker, don't say I didn't warn you. And don't try to sue me, either.

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