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The 25 Runes

If anyone knows where I can find Rune graphics drop me a line!

Rune....What it symbolizes
Fehu - Good fortune, wealth, luck and creative energy. Looks like an "F" with the tines slanted upwards.

Uruz - Strength, determination, health, and sometimes the higher self. Looks like an upside-down "U"

Thurisaz - Chaos, conflict. Also represents true will. Looks sort of like this: |> ...kinda.

Ansuz - Wisdom and the occult. Also power, revenge, and sometimes healing. Looks like an "F" with the tines slanted downwards

Raido - "Take control," journey, decisions. Can also symbolize defense. Looks sorta like an "R" with all straight lines (the hump is a triangle)

Kenaz - Knowledge, learning, and quest. Also can stand for heriditary knowledge. Looks like this: <

Gebo - Agreements, settlements and union, and boundries. Looks like this: X

Wunjo - Blessings, success, and fertility. Somtimes points to the controlling of will. Looks like a "P" with all striaght lines (the hump is a triangle)

Hagalaz - Drastic change and disruptive forces. Not always a bad thing. Looks kind of like an "H"

Nauthiz - Need, opprotunity, victory. Also can stand for the future, or defense. Looks like a cross with the short line slanted downward

Isa - Crystalis, standstill, defense to delay. Looks like this: |

Jera - Gentle change, cycle, time. Also can symbolize gestation. Looks like these two signs > <, the first above and to the right of the second one

Eiwaz - Outgoing, dynamic, GO!! Also can mean hunting or evolution. Tough to describe...sort of like a "Z" except backwards and slanted where it's supposed to be stright, and vice versa

Pertho - Secret, discovery of hidden, and history. Looks kinda like a "C" drawn with straight lines, and a ^ for the bottom (an upside down ^ for the top)

Algiz - Protection, shield, and help. Looks kinda like a "Y" with the middle line projecting up between the tines a small distance.

Sowulo - Healing, strength, centering, and luck. Looks like someone drew a lightning bolt with three straight lines.

Teiwaz - Justice, legal matters, dedication, and bravery. Looks like an arrow pointing up.

Bekana - Emotional stability, birth, and "women's mysteries". Looks like a "B" with all straight lines. (triangles for the humps, not squares)

Ehwaz - Shapeshifter, adjustments. Also sometimes means a telepathic link. Looks like an "M"

Mannuz - Communications, cooporations, and legal affairs. Looks like two Wunjos facing each other.

Laguz - Occult, influence, and movement. Also sometimes represents sex. Looks like the right half of Teiwaz.

Inguz - Progression and fertility. Can also symbolize the Astral. Looks like these two symbols > < overlapping.

Othila - Centering, grounding, invoking, family, values, and Kundalini energy (when I learn more I hope to put a page about Kundalini). Looks like X with ^ on top. Sorta like a fish.

Dagas - Invisible, catalyst, between worlds. Looks like an infinity sign drawn with straight lines.

The Blank Rune - The unknown or unknowable. Also called the Rune of Odin. If you can't guess what this one looks like I ain't gonna help ya. (I recently found a page which says there is no historical evidence to back up the existance of a blank rune in ancient times. I was a bit dissapointed, especially since it really seems to work...)

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In case that wasn't enough information, I've found another good page on runes and their meanings.

The Runic Journey