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MY THEORY on How Runes Work

Here I plan to discuss how I think Runes work. Which is a good thing, considering that's what the name of the page is. One thing I want to point out first is that this is a THEORY. Anyone who knows me knows that only rarely do I present anything beyond scientific fact as fact. When discussing how I think things work, I *always* indicate it's my personal theory/opinion. Why is this? I'm not arrogant enough to assume I know it for fact. Actually, I personally believe that NO ONE knows for absolute fact how most mystical things work. Some people PRESENT what they think as fact, and that gets on my nerves very quickly. Sometimes, I suppose, it IS fact. But how the person KNOWS it's fact besides "some other person told me" is what I look at. Anyway, on to the Runes!

Now for the question everyone's been asking: How do you think Runes work?


Surprised ya, didn't I? Not exactly the answer you were expecting was it? Unless you know me of course, then you've probably heard this theory a dozen times and are hitting the "back" button because you don't want to hear it again.

Now, let me go into a little more detail here.

Think for a second. Remember the "Happy Thoughts" page, where I said that according to Wiccan belief thinking about someting gives it power? Well consider this: since primitive times, every instance where one man has said "It was skill!" or "It's all in the wrist!" ten other people have been standing behind him going "Lucky bastard!" and "Oooh, he got so lucky!"
What does this mean? It means that by now luck should be the most powerful force in the human sphere of existance.

While you're thinking on that one, consider this too: Ever notice how Divine intervention is almost always in the form of outrageous luck? So much so that it's almost impossible to separate the two? For instance, the series of coincidences leading up to the meeting of my soulmate. Looking back on it, it seems so freaking impossible that all the correct factors would come together to allow me to meet a woman a thousand miles away. It was TOO lucky! Sure, I suppose it could have been dumb, blind luck, but it seems now, and will always seems, just a bit too impossible to be simple luck. I think that random chance is a window for the Divine to act.

Now, ponder. How do Runes (and Tarot, for that matter) work? I say luck. The Divinity communicates to us through luck. It reaches through the window random chance creates to tell us a tidbit about the future.

Of course, I suppose EVERYONE would like to think their hand is guided by the Divinity during a reading of some sort...

Blessed be,
-July 19, 1998

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